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Keeping an Eye on your Security


TEI boasts a range of surveillance systems comprising of the very latest in low light camera, recording and control technologies.

Our tailor made systems ensure the very best solution to monitor operation.



>                    Full design consultation, supply and installation

>                    Systems tailored to your businesses requirements and budget

>                    Open system architecture: - not tied to specific brands or products

>                    Simple and inexpensive to expand

>                    Full range of control devices

>                    Fully Interactive integrated tracing systems

>                    Comprehensive service maintenance support and training packages


Key Benefits

TEI provide total dedication and commitment for designing and supplying surveillance systems, from inception to completion by of professionals. We incorporate the latest technology from world leading manufacturers and provide truly unique system designs tailored specifically

Every TEI surveillance system has one key objective - the investment and assets of each operation. Only companies with a specific concern are completely covered and can achieve this.

Our products have the ability to integrate with a wide range of generic security systems, making them the only real choice for a digital surveillance system that can grow with your business.

Comprehensive on-site training courses ensure that your surveillance operations work effectively and to their full potential from day one.

With 15 years experience in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems for the construction, PSA and casino industries and the support of our strategically positioned systems engineers, TEI is the first choice for your surveillance requirements.


Integration With 3rd Party Products

TEI seamlessly integrates into most leading systems to provide a fully automated surveillance system. From alarm handling capabilities and cash monitoring systems to personal tracking systems and general building monitoring systems, our aim is to supply a finished product designed for your requirements.

Interactive Surveillance

The TEI Surveillance Control System demonstrates our latest interactive control by interfacing directly with generic platforms on on every level.

No Ties To Specific Camera Products

The unique design of our control systems allows for virtually any dome or camera to be controlled by the system. This allows for retro fitting of equipment you may have and also allows for the correct mix of equipment to be installed for new systems. The end result is the highest possible standard of surveillance system.

Logical Camera Numbering

By the use of designated keys on the control surface, the operators unique control system allows for "select cameras" by how they are known to suit your operation, for example within a casino the camera and microphone for AR3 or BJ5 is selected by entering a key marked AR and then 3 or BJ and then 5. This speeds up work flow and reduces the operator's lerning curve.

PC Control

All systems can include full control from ?drag and drop? automated camera selection and frame grabber for printing video images direct to disk or printer.

DVR Management

DVR Management features for given events will be recorded every time forever:

Audio Following

System handles audio following a technology allowing any high speed dome camera to have several microphones associated with it. Microphones switch automatically to supply audio to match a desicnated area that the camera is covering.

System Expansion

Due to the modular design all systems are expansion ready, with no down time and no parts redundancy.

Comprehensive Service Detail

Operating globally facilitated by experienced technical engineers, TEI has the true global ability to provide in-depth advice, system design and maintenance to the highest possible standards.

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